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Controversial research paper topics

research paper tipsNow just as one man's meat is another man's poison, so too a topic of a research paper which one person says is controversial may not be controversial according to someone else. So having established the point that controversial is a subjective word, the question arises as to what exactly is a controversial subject.

And one easy criterion for determining whether or not a topic is controversial is whether or not it engenders debate. It is very easy to watch a television current affairs program in which people are discussing a particular subject. If there is a debate about that topic, even a heated debate, then there is a fair chance that we could describe that topic as controversial. Here are some research paper topics which could be deemed to be controversial.

  1. affirmative action
  2. using animals for medical experiments
  3. plagiarism and a social media
  4. bullying online
  5. child abuse
  6. climate change
  7. obesity and junk food
  8. pornography
  9. treatment of the elderly
  10. binge drinking
  11. euthanasia
  12. universal health care
  13. war crimes and human rights
  14. hate crimes
  15. refugees and their rights to enter another country
  16. nuclear power

Now as you can see this is a broad list of so-called controversial research paper topics. But it is by no means exhaustive. So finding controversial topics is not difficult. What could be helpful to you though is to find a controversial topic which has not been written about a vast number of times.

Imagine the person having to correct your paper. ‘Oh not that topic again,’ they exclaim and as yet another take on your chosen topic lands on an academic’s desk. Either try and find an unusual or little written about topic or, better still, find an unusual and obscure angle on a well-known topic. Something out of the ordinary is often a good way to set your research paper apart from the others.


The topic is everything

research paper topicsWriting a research paper, as the name implies, requires research. Otherwise, you can always buy papers online and lighten your workload. The problem you, as a student will face is how much research is enough research? If you choose controversial research paper topics which by nature are vast, you're making a rod for your own back. By all means choose a contemporary topic such as obesity or climate change or refugees. But find a single aspect of it otherwise you’ll drown in a sea of information. The expression ‘too much information’ springs to mind in this case.

These research paper topics dominate today's headlines. You could be writing a research paper about a contemporary topic. But the problem you may face is that it is a massive topic, it covers a vast amount of information. Therefore it is in your own interest to select a section of that controversial topic and write only about that small section. Unless you make your topic narrow, you will find it easy to produce a lot of shallow information. That will not be good for your grade.

That sort of research paper writing is not going to endear you to the person reading your research paper. What you need to produce in your research paper is an in-depth study of the chosen topic. You can't do that if your topic is too broad. Be specific.

There are more than enough research paper topics. The key is finding one which appeals to you, is unique or at least has not been done to death, and one which gets the tick of approval from your supervisor.

It can and should be exciting to write on a controversial topic; especially so if it is current. You can study today’s news and write a brilliant paper fresh with the latest information. Looking for custom research paper writing services?