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How To Write A Psychology Research Paper Discussion Section: Tips & Tricks

Psychology is a branch of study that demands its students to engage in mind enhancing research. It is essential to research and understand human behavior and collect relevant data on it. Final year students often find themselves in a difficult position while selecting presenting discussion paper of complexity. Setting and following tips and strategies of these assignments is not a rocket science, just follow some general rules and grab perfection.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you write a fluent discussion paper.

  1. Understanding the needs of the topic
  2. Some topics will require on site research and study which might require you to visit happening places like shopping malls, movie halls, meditation halls, etc. Before commencing your research process of a specific topic and niche, it is crucial to go for questioning with the participants. It is further very necessary to seek permission as you are almost invading their privacy to seek research material for your concern topic.

  3. Take in the response without giving out any
  4. As a psychology student it is possible that you will have ideas and notions of your own that is distinct from others. While conducting research it is inevitable that you will get responses from participants that are in conflict with your notions. Abstain from offending them by giving them your own suggestions. The ultimate objective of the research is to understand human behavior through study and not in imparting your knowledge to the participants.

  5. Keep in mind the sensitivity of the local culture
  6. Not every culture celebrates open mindedness. It is possible that your questions could offend the participants if they belong to a culture where your area of research has some taboo or misconception. Have a detailed understanding of the location, its culture and mainly its laws and regulations to avoid complications while doing the research.

  7. Widening your area of research
  8. Research for a psychology discussion paper does not end with human interaction. It has to be extended to libraries and places of interest here you will be able to find deeper insights into the topic of research. Widening your area of research is actually possible just by researching well about the given topic or niche.

  9. Reporting the right way
  10. Your research report should be one that is properly aligned and structured. It must have essential features like a separate title page, abstract, introduction, method of research employed, details of participants, materials, procedures, final conclusion, references, etc.