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15 Good Topics To Do A Research Paper On

Now every teacher or professor will tell you that the topic of your research paper will often determine the results you get. Choose the right topic and you're well on the way to doing well. The alternative does not bear thinking about. Choose the wrong topic and you're well on the way to failure. Going slow at the beginning of the race in this case is clever. Rush in and grab the first topic you see and it could all end in disaster.

So what makes a good topic for your research paper?

Well it's easy to answer because personal interest is the key factor. If you have an interest in a topic or better still a passion, it is so much easier to research it and write about it. If you find a topic boring and in fact don't like the topic, you make a rod for your own back. Now you have to write the research paper. It is an essential part of your subject. So make the task easier. And, at the same time, give yourself a better chance at scoring a really high mark.

One of the best bits of information about this situation is that there are literally thousands of topics upon which you can write a research paper. Yes, you have plenty of choice. But no, you don't want to choose something which you don't find interesting. You might even be able to write your own topic. Think of what excites and interest you. That could be the topic for your research paper.

Here is a list of good topics for a research paper

  • How important is sleep to human beings?
  • What are the consequences of humans taking steroids?
  • Are there any places on earth still to be discovered?
  • Will we ever have driverless cars?
  • How were diseases treated thousands of years ago?

  • If tobacco has health risks, why is it a legal drug?
  • How was war changed with the invention of gunpowder?
  • How difficult was it for women to get the right to vote?
  • Would it be easier to control illegal drugs by making them all legal?
  • Why does the stock market crash?

  • How are new musical styles in popular music created?
  • Have spelling standards dropped due to the use of texting?
  • How important is it to save endangered species?
  • How can we prevent overfishing in the world's oceans?
  • Should corporal punishment be allowed in schools?