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Creating A Good Term Paper About Poverty: 10 Great Ideas

Poverty has been adversely affecting the societies and countries since centuries and hence has been a popular term paper topic in recent years. When you are supposed to write on such topics define the term and then look for a set of factors that are accountable for it. Apart from it, offer various solutions too that can eradicate this epidemic.

Check out following 10 ideas that makes good term paper topic-

  1. The topic should be relevant: Listen to various news and commentary programs that offer valuable information about this scourge. Sometimes the reason is created due to natural calamities like earthquake and heavy rainfall and sometimes due to floods devastating shelters of many. You can also talk about zones of Africa where situation is severe and causes lawlessness, hunger, misery, famines and drought.
  2. Choose a challenging topic: Think beyond the obvious. If you pick a topic that is bit tricky you can show your endeavors, dedication and mastery over the subject.
  3. Come up with something unique: Display your independent thought and offer sound reasoning. Rehashing the old argumentative thoughts and beating around the bush will not do any good. Instead explore different angles and come up with something new.
  4. Pick a concrete topic on poverty: Do not simply use big words but employ attractive ideas too. The clear and concise notions will stick easily and firmly to the readers mind. Poverty exist in America and Kenya both but resident of America possess TV, medical care facility, a two wheeler and the opportunity of education whereas the resident of Kenya do not even possess the facility of running water, electricity supply and a cemented house. Explain such situations with solid reasons.
  5. Prove your term paper topic: Explain why a resident of America still considered being poor though they have all the facilities with them.
  6. Choose a topic that can be narrowed down: Choose few pivotal scenes based on word choices and narrow it down so that your term paper can be completed.
  7. The topic should be interesting: A mind absorbing topic will make the reader go through the thesis from beginning till end.
  8. Stick to the topic: Do not get strayed but revolve around the chosen topic. Offer points and sub points. Stick to your word limit.
  9. Introduction and conclusion: A mind- absorbing introduction will make the reader continue with the text while an effective conclusion will convince them at the end.
  10. Thesis development: Develop the content after assimilating information through various sources like TV, internet, magazines, newspapers etc. Talk about government offering subsidy and other facilities like housing, medical etc.