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How to write a term paper: avoiding typical mistakes

You have been dreading writing papers your whole life. The task seems so daunting. Is there an easy way to get those awful term papers done without the loss of all of your hair?

There is a way and it is easy than you think. If you follow these simple steps and avoid the three most common mistakes, you will be writing term papers like a pro in no time.


Remember back to second grade and writing your first paper. This method holds true today. Start with an outline that includes an introduction. The introduction should end with a thesis sentence, which sounds super complex, but it is a sentence that lists the three main topics that you will use to support your paper. Then end with a conclusion. Don’t let your paper write you. Take the time and plan it out.


A lot of people think that it is easier to skip this process and just add a source here and there however, if you find the articles first, the paper is much easier to write. Set yourself up for a quick turn around on the actual writing process. Don’t just add a line or two from a source just to get your reference count up. You may have a hard time finding a good place in your paper to put the quote. Try and find an article that is general in nature for the topic you are writing about which can be used in the introduction. Then find articles that support each of your three main topics.


Now that you have everything in place, you can start writing. Draw your reader into your paper by using an interesting quote for your opening line. The introduction is where you would want to give a little background information on your topic. The last sentence should be your thesis sentence. Use transitions into each of your topics that tie one idea to the next. Then end with a conclusion. The conclusion should leave the reader with something to think about. Don’t just restate the conclusion. Go out with a bang.

Follow these easy steps and be sure to avoid the three most common mistakes and you will be on your way to term paper bliss. After a while you won’t fear writing term papers at all and writing an excellent paper will be like second nature.