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World history term papers: finding an unstudied topic

Writing a term paper about world history is something that requires a lot of work and research to do. If you want to do something unique, you should know that almost every idea has been done before. Unless you really have the time and expertise to go do archeological digs or discover new civilizations then you’re going to be writing about a topic that’s been studied before. The key to an original and good quality history paper is using a different approach to a seasoned topic.

How to Pick a Good Topic for World History

You can even choose a topic that hasn’t been done very often, or one that’s never been done at your particular university or school. Remember that obscure topics have very little sources for you to study and reference, so you’ll have a harder time writing a term paper about it. If you’re up to the challenge, here are some tips you can use:

  1. Keep all your sources organized. For the bibliography or references part of your term paper, you’ll need them in alphabetical or another order, so you might as well order them that way now
  2. The next step is to start making an outline. When you can put the quotes and references you want to use into a document, it makes it easier to write the first draft
  3. Write between your sources to fill out the term paper. you need to connect all the ideas back to your main topic and give your opinion on each reference
  4. Edit and proofread your term paper for any errors; you can even have a friend read it over for a second opinion

Writing a Term Paper on World History

The most common thing that students get stuck on is really knowing their topic. It’s one thing to choose a topic that interests you, but it’s another thing to make sure you get specific enough. Just wanting to write about Africa, for instance, is way too big a topic for one paper. Focusing on Egypt is better, but focusing on the Egyptian beliefs about afterlife would be your best option. It doesn’t matter what you focus on, just that you narrow the scope somewhat. It’s better to research on a smaller level and talk in more detail about it than to have a topic so all-encompassing that your essay feels unconnected.

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