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Contemporary criminal justice topics for a research paper

Criminal justice is the system that involves law enforcement agencies, lawyers, court houses, jails, and probation and parole boards. It is the system that is involved in every aspect of a crime from the investigation to the trial to the sentence and housing or the criminal. To get a degree in criminal justice, you will have to study many courses that explain and explore this system.

To find an interesting research topic for the research paper that you have to write you’re your criminal justice class, you have several places that you can look. There are a lot of different topics to write about so choose one that is important to you. Below is a general list of topics.

  • Effects of abduction: How is an individual affected by being abducted? What are the consequences for being charged with abduction?
  • Effects of alcohol: What affects does alcohol have on certain individuals? How should an alcoholic be treated?
  • Boot camps: Are boot camps effective? What is the purpose of boot camps?
  • Capital punishment: What is capital punishment? Does it make criminals think before committing a crime?
  • Child sexual abuse: How is a child affected by sexual abuse? Can sexual abuse offenders be cured? Is sexual abuse a disease?
  • Death penalty: Is it moral to kill people legally for their crimes? Does the fear of the death penalty deter criminal activity?
  • Firearms: Is access to firearms to easy? Is it safer to stop the sale of firearms? Should the laws for acquiring a firearm be more or less strict?
  • Gang Crime: Is there a way to prevent gang related crime? Should gang related crime be stopped since it is helping to take more and more criminals off of the streets?
  • Incarceration: Should conditions in jail be modified? Is going to jail really a punishment? Is there a way to rehabilitate criminals so they don’t become repeat offenders?

These are just a few of the many different topics that you can discuss for your criminal justice research paper. If you are still struggling to find a topic, check out your textbook. You will find all sorts of different ideas in there about what to write about. The table of contents is a great place to start. If you have any pressing questions about a certain topic, this may be the perfect topic for your to write your paper on.