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Creating A Research Paper About The Civil Rights Movement

In the last years, we accepted the fact that we are equal. Most of the countries make no difference between black and white people, men and women or foreigners and locals. This is a great achievement considering the fact that so many people died because their life did not worth anything for the government. The civil rights movement tried to eliminate racism in the USA. If your research paper is focused on this topic, you are lucky. You have the chance to learn many new things and to understand how many sacrifices people had to do. Keep these ideas in mind while writing:

  • Discuss about the political situation in that time. Nowadays, it’s simple to say “I am a citizen and I have rights” but in the past this thing did not exist, especially for black people. They were considered the “bad” part of the society and they were not even allowed to eat at the same table with white people. The government was formed almost entirely from white men who did not care about black people’s rights.
  • Mention the regulations regarding interracial marriages. Nowadays, many countries legalized gay marriage, and no one is surprised by this. However, 60 years ago you were not allowed to marry a black person if you were white. The law did not approve it and, more important, the community did not approve it. If you were having a relationship with a black person, you would be considered a traitor.
  • State the achievements of this movement. Black people were not accepted by the community immediately, but they gained an important thing: the civil rights act. This meant that legally, they were equal from every point of view with white people. It was the first time this happened in the USA and it is considered a great victory.
  • Talk about the difficulties that black people faced during this time. For us, it might seem incredible but black people were considered as low life forms. They were not allowed to use the same doors and toilets with the white people; they were not studying in the same school and they were paid much less than other citizens. If a hate crime would take place, a black criminal would be judged much more severe than a white criminal, and even the police was encouraging these acts.