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Choosing The Correct Economic Research Paper Format

There are many styles that papers can be written in. The format depends on what type of paper you have been asked to write as well as what citation format has been recommended by your professor. Since you have been asked to write a research paper, there is a certain way it has to be done. I am going to discuss the correct style to write an economic research paper.

  • Choose a topic
  • The first thing you need to do is find a great topic in economics that interests you. There are many different areas you can choose from. Brainstorm about all the possibilities and see which one seems to interest you the most. If you choose an interesting topic, you will be more apt to focus more and spend more time researching. Many people say that if you do an article on something that interests you, you will do a better job. So find one that you are passionate about and you have half the battle won.

  • Do plenty of research
  • It is very frustrating to begin doing a thesis and it is difficult to find information on your topic. Make sure the topic you choose has plenty of sources available to retrieve the information from. If you have a problem finding tons of information, I would consider choosing another topic entirely before it is too late. It is very hard to do a complete, thorough job on a subject if you can’t find enough data.

  • Create an outline
  • Your next step is to create an outline based on all of your notes. Hopefully you kept them somewhat organized. Decide on all the important points you want to include into your thesis and put them in an order that makes sense. Write your outline that shows all of your items in the order you have decided on. This way you won’t leave anything out and you will have a good flow that the reader will be able to follow. This is your roadmap for your work you are creating.

  • Write your rough draft
  • Now that you have your outline, you can write your rough draft. All of the hard work is done. Now you just have to fill in the blanks. Once that is complete, have your instructor or someone you respect read your rough draft. Have them give you advice on what will make it better. Then make the corrections that were suggested if you agree with them.

  • Finalize your paper
  • Make sure all your grammar and spelling is correct. Now you need to know what citation format is recommended. Your professor will have advised you to which one he wanted you to use. If he didn’t, search the internet to see which one is recommended for economic research papers. I found that the APA citation format was recommended for economic papers.

Once you have completed followed the citation format you have chosen and created your final draft, you should proudly hand in your paper.