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What is the term paper? - Definition and writing tips for students

A term paper is a research oriented paper that requires your high analysis. It is often a singular paper required per term for your courses. It also is responsible more often than not for a high percentage of your course grade and is therefore of utmost importance in terms of things that need to be done.

When you are writing a term paper consider the tips below to help ease the process and provide higher success:

  1. Have a quality workspace. You need to get a good place where you can comfortably work without any distractions. This could be in your home, office or a hotel. You should decide on the best place to work on. Whatever you decide, you should get a place that you are comfortable with. You should use it throughout but if you want to change, you can get another place.
  2. You need to consult with someone and share with him the time table that you have already set. This will help you to be accountable every day. This person could be your parent, colleague, friend wife or kids. The benefit of sharing this kind of information is that it will help you make better and excellent choices. This will help you make better decisions and to remain grounded.
  3. Be good. Finally, you should treat yourself in the best way. Have a good sleep and eat well.

If you want some ideas about topics consider the ideas listed here. But bear in mind this list is short and broad and intended to be a starting point from which you find a topic that suits your interests and your assignment:

  • Discuss when censorship is justified... if ever.
  • Write about when privacy becomes of secondary importance.
  • Research whether drunk drivers should have to serve a prison sentence for their first offense..
  • Discuss whether or not letter writing should be revived as an art form.
  • Analyze whether military personnel should be given the right to strike.
  • Discuss whether study abroad programs for American students actually result in good courses and increased grades or if they are becoming more and more an opportunity for children to drink in countries with a lower drinking age and party.
  • Write about whether innovation within the music industry needs to change with the decline of CD’s and the growth of downloads.