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High school research paper topic ideas you should like

You will have to write a few research papers while you are in high school. The main reason why your teachers want you to write research papers is because they show a higher understanding of the materials. It also shows that you can articulate your understanding. When you are writing a research paper, you will first have to choose a topic. This can be one of the hardest parts of the process.

If you don’t choose a good topic, you will have a hard time writing a good paper. There are some criteria that your topic should meet in order for you to use it for your research paper. A good topic will be relevant to the course that you are in. A relevant topic will be a sub topic of the main course subject. It should also be broad enough to fill the requirements. These requirements can include the length of the paper or the amount of resources that have to be used to support your thesis. You also want to pick a specific topic that does not have too much information. You want to make a conclusion and prove it. Another important criteria is that the topic should be interesting. Choose a topic that is important to you because it will be easier to give it your best effort.

Here is a list of some topic ideas you should like. It will be a good source for you to determine what you should write your paper on or give you some ideas to create your own topic.

  1. Would bullying be decreased if students had to wear school uniforms?
  2. What are some alternatives to giving homework?
  3. Should cigarette companies be banned from marketing to teenagers?
  4. How does personal appearances affect self-esteem?
  5. Would random drug testing in school prevent students from using drugs?
  6. Should it be harder to get your license?
  7. Should schools teach how to prevent pregnancy or how to abstain from sex?
  8. Should students be allowed to leave school grounds during lunch?
  9. Should students have to take a few courses pertaining to getting into college or getting a job?
  10. Should high school athletes be allowed to accept gifts?

There are so many different topics to choose from. Hopefully this list will get you started. Feel free to choose one of these topics or come up with one on your own.