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List of ideas for argumentative research paper topics

Humans are programmed to want to know things to seek explanations for the unexplainable. This is the reason that argumentative research or essay paper topics are so popular. They explorer knowledge and analyze a situation from two distinct perspectives. If you need to write an argumentative essay and need help coming up with a topic, peruse the following:

Should sex education be mandatory at the elementary school level?

As children enter puberty at younger ages and sexually explicit material becomes more readily available, points for and against this topic can be explored.

Can obesity be halted by making certain food items illegal?

Bans on trans-fats and other food items can be analyzed in the context of treating or curing obesity.

Can Astrology be seen as just as valid as Astronomy and Cosmology?

Many hard-line scientists look down upon astrology as a pseudo science but this research can look at its merits in relation to astronomy.

Should parents have the right to institutionalize their adult children on the suspicion of mental illness?

This research can look into the rights of the mentally ill who have reached the age of majority.

Can virtual reality eliminate the need for human contact?

This research will become more relevant as more of our lives get lived online.

Will the use of smart devices trigger epigenetic changes that result in lower intelligence levels for future generations?

Smart devices have taken over many of the functions that human beings once did for themselves. This research can look into the likelihood of certain epigenetic markers for memory being switched off in future generations.

Are there any good reasons for remaining in abusive relationships?

This research is fairly straightforward in its focus.

Should women pursue career or family as a priority?

Many women feel a definite pull in one direction or another and this research can analyze why that may be.

Is meat inherently the product of animal cruelty?

Strict vegans would argue that meat is a form of murder while others see it as completely natural. This research can delve into both sides.

Can people be obese and healthy simultaneously?

Some research has found that obesity and good health need not be mutually exclusive.

With the right topic in hand you can start accumulating sources or planning the collection of data that will be used in the compilation of your research paper.