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Tips and tricks on how to write an introductory paragraph for a research paper.

Writing an introduction for your research paper is a tricky task especially it will reflect how the rest of your research will be. An introduction will tell the reader what you’re going to present in your paper, and presentations need to have that element of mystery to intrigue the readers and keep them on their toes. An introduction shouldn’t be lengthy for the reader is likely to doze off in the middle. It should have a clear and concise structure with a proper hypothesis and a well formed thesis statement if required. Following are the DO’s and DO NOT’s of a good introduction for your research.

The DO’s

  • Factual support!
  • You know what makes your research sound interesting? The very fact that the problem you’re addressing exists in the real world. Throwing in some facts and VALID statistical figures adds to the authenticity of your research.

  • Know your audience!
  • As a writer you should be well aware of the trade tricks of keeping your readers interested. Using the right kind of phrases and giving timely references is very important if you want to build up a good introduction. Quoting famous celebrities or movies is one way to go about it. It helps the readers relate to your research on a more personal level.

  • Everybody loves a good story!
  • One way to go about your introduction is to start off with a story. This will entice the audience to read further and stay curious still the very end.

  • History repeats itself!

If your research is addressing some medical or political issue, it’s better if you try to relate it back to the history. This will not only support your argument but also add to the validity of the facts being stated.

The DON’T’s

  • Keep your spoilers brief!
  • Don’t mention your entire research in the introduction. An element of mystery and intrigue will only add to the strength of your overall research.

  • Impersonation!
  • Sometime impersonation is good, especially when you don’t have a full command over your area of research. You do not want to communicate that to your readers. Act like you know what you’re doing!

  • Synergy!
  • A rhythm is very crucial while drafting an introduction. You have to make sure it goes well with your idea and the rest of the contents of your research paper.

  • Praise! Not Worship!

If you are mentioning other researches in your introduction be careful not to over emphasize their qualities. It’s one thing to appreciate what others do, it’s another if your start worshiping them.