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How to write an outline for a research paper: main points to include

Hopefully, you are trying to get information on writing an outline because you have learned that it is key in writing excellent research papers and not just because you have to turn one in for a portion of your grade. Writers who learn to incorporate an outline into their essays, tend to write far superior papers. That is because outlines help to keep the writing on topic. They also ensure that all of the pertinent information is included and they ensure that the paper flows nicely. But in order to be successful at writing outlines, you need to learn what main points should be included. Here is a quick guide to creating excellent outlines that will make your paper flow nicely and help your right “A+” papers.

Format of an outline:

Introduction: The introduction section of your outline will include two parts.

Background information: This is a general idea of what types of back ground information you will use about your topic. This could be definitions, history, important facts, or any other supporting information.

Thesis: Your thesis statement should be written out in your outline. It is the main thing you are trying to prove by writing the paper. It should include the main supporting facts that you will prove in your body paragraphs.

Body Paragraphs: There should be a body paragraph with supporting evidence for each or your three or more main supporting facts.

Topics: A lead in transition should be shown in your outline. It will also include the main ideas that you will use to prove your first supporting fact along with the supporting fact.

Supporting facts: There should be two main reasons why you believe that this first supporting detail proves your thesis. State your fact and show how it proves your thesis. List all supporting facts in sentences that you will expand on in your paper.

Conclusion: Your conclusion on your outline may simply include a quote that you would like to use to get your audience thinking about the topic. It also could be an idea that you want to leave for your audience

When you format your outline to include these important points, you are sure to get a good grade on the outline if it is being graded, but an even better grade on your paper. Be sure to fill out as much information as possible for your outline. You can then just bulk it up and your paper will be done.