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Writing a term paper online: general rules to be observed

Writing essays can be both frightening and frustrating. The process can be made fun and easy if you follow a certain procedure toward getting the essay written. With the technology available today, finding the information needed for an essay is just a matter of tapping a few keys.

Getting Started

Choose your topic. It sounds easy but it can be one of the most frustrating parts of writing your essay. Follow these steps to find the right topic for you, unless a topic has already been assigned.

  • Brainstorm. Think about all the different topics of which you have personal knowledge. Write those topics down.
  • Read over the list of topics you have knowledge of and think about all you know of that topic. Make notes of the different aspects of a topic.
  • Make your choice. Pick the topic that you know the most about and can explain as thoroughly as possible.

Learn more

Once you have your topic chosen, you will want to learn more about that topic. You will add more to your own knowledge base and be able to flesh out your essay. Follow these steps to learn more about your chosen topic.

  • Research. Use the internet and the library. Both can give you an immense amount of information on nearly any topic you choose.
  • Analyze. The best way to learn to write an essay is to read essays others have written and analyze the content. Make notes as you do this. What claims do the authors make, what are their reasons for those claims and what is the evidence behind their claims?

Sit Down and Write

You've researched and analyzed other people's essays on your topic and added to your personal knowledge base and now you are ready to sit down and write your essay. Follow these steps to get your information down on paper.

  • Thesis. Determine your thesis statement. This is what tells you and your reader what information will be included in your essay. It should be written as a firm assertion and your essay will prove out that assertion.
  • Outline. Use simple sentences to sketch out your essay in outline form. This will allow you to move smoothly from one point to the next without rambling off-topic.
  • Introduction. This is the first paragraph of the essay. The title and introduction are probably the most important parts of the essay. It is the first chapter that will grab your reader's attention or lose it.
  • Body or Paragraphs. Each paragraph is dedicated to an individual idea that will prove your thesis. Start with a topic sentence to introduce the idea. Support your assertion with evidence found during your research. Explain your idea based on the evidence presented as completely and concisely as possible so the reader can understand.
  • Conclusion. End your essay with a reiteration of your thesis sentence using different wording and summarize what you presented in the body of your essay. Exit the essay by offering a memorable quote that has to do with your essay, a new twist of logic regarding the topic or a call to action for the reader.

Almost Finished

You now have a rough draft of your outline and essay. Now, follow these steps and get the rough draft finished so that it can be the final draft.

  • MLA Style. Your essay should be formatted for proper citation. Any borrowed ideas or quotes you have used in your essay should be properly cited in the body of your essay. The essay should have a Works Cited or References page attached that lists the sources used for researching the topic.
  • Language. Proofread the essay, or ask someone else to do it for you. Check for proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. Incorporate rhythm and emphasis to make it easy to read and engaging. Proofread the essay until it reads exactly as you want it to read.

Essay writing can be tedious but if you follow these steps, the task will not be as onerous as it could be. Your essays will be more organized, informative and engaging if you practice writing while keeping this list of steps in mind.