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How to write an argumentative research paper like a professional

Fallacies are common errors that occur during an argumentative research paper and are one of the biggest reasons these papers fail. If you use faulty logic and reasoning in your paper, your argument will fail. So be on the lookout for these fallacies and keep them out of your paper!

  • Slippery Slope: This is the idea that once A happens, B, C, and D will happen- so if we do not want D to happen then A must never happen. Example:

  • If we let the government ban SUVs because they are not environmentally friendly, soon the government will ban all cars and control what we can and cannot drive.

  • Hasty Generalization:  This is a conclusion comes when you rush to form an idea or conclusion before you have all of information or really look at all of the information or give things a fair chance. Example:

  • It has only been a month since the president took office but I already know these next four years are going to suck!

  • Genetic Fallacy: This argument is based on the idea that an idea or point of view is only as good as the origins or creator. Example:

  • The Volkswagen Beetle is an immoral and evil company and is a car that should be banned because Hitler’s army designed it for use during the war.

  • Circular Argument: This is a very common fallacy in argument papers and occurs when you restate the argument that you are pointing out rather than actually doing anything to prove it. Example:

  • We know that fossil is millions of years old because of the rock layer it was found in, and we know the age of the rock layer because of the fossils found in it.

  • Either/or: This type of fallacy occurs when you have a conclusion that oversimplifies the argument and boils it down to two options and presents them as they only options that are available. Example:

  • We can either use eco friendly cars or keep on destroying the environment.

  • Straw Man: This move oversimplifies opposing views and arguments, reduces them to a paper thin argument, and then attacks that weak argument with their strongest one- even though the opposing side likely had strong defenses than the one created. Example:

  • People who oppose laws to help the homeless have no heart and do not care about their citizens.

  • Moral Equivalence: This fallacy puts very minor misdeeds or issues on the same level playing field as major atrocities. Example:

  • The cop who gave me that ticket is as heartless and ruthless as Hitler!

If you can avoid these fallacies in your paper, you will have a much better chance of writing a strong an successful argument paper!