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Finding a Source with Impressive Topics for a Research Paper

Finding the perfect topic for a major research paper can be frustrating. When the topic must be approved, you can go through countless topics that are not accepted before you find one that finally is. The idea is to find a topic that is impressive, means something to you, and is capable of being accepted. We are going to help you search for impressive topics that are sure to be accepted.

There are some key factors to finding topics through a source, such as a database. Using an internet search engine will certainly help you find topics; narrowing them down into a workable thesis is a different story.  Some of the sources may not provide a broad enough topic, depending on the level of the research paper.  You can narrow the sources down into relevant sources depending on the level of your paper by following a few simple steps.

Finding a relevant source for topics

  • Know your guidelines
  • Check for a school database
  • Check school for scholarly library
  • Be creative

The guidelines for a research paper are usually set in stone. You should take the time to thoroughly study them so you know what you can, and cannot do. Once you know your guidelines, check the school library for a database of level-relevant topics. If they do not have a database, most schools keep an area dedicated to scholarly papers. These can help you do two different things; choose a topic, and find relevant information. Do not use a prior thesis, the scholarly papers are sources to prove your own creative thesis. Creativity can go a long way, the idea for topics are in front of you and have already been accepted. Think of your own thoughts and feelings and make a list from the most interesting to the least interesting. Develop a thesis for each one and submit the most interesting first. If it is accepted, you can start your research; if it is not accepted, you already have a few other options to submit for approval.

Finding sources for interesting topics are available usually available right within your school. You do not need to waste time scouring the internet for topics that may, or may not, be acceptable. If you know your guidelines, the school can provide one or two options for sources; be creative to avoid plagiarism and you will do fine.