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Why would someone order a term paper?

The answer to this question is not necessarily straight forward or the same in every situation. In the past I have noticed that people order term papers online because they:

  • Procrastinated and have waited until the last minute to begin
  • Do not feel that they are good writers and want a better grade
  • Have too much other work to do and cannot find time to write the paper themselves
  • Other things they would rather do.

Although this list is not necessarily comprehensive, it gives a good idea of why someone would use an online service to either purchase a prewritten paper or to have one written for them.

Is it a good idea? No, I don’t think so…

Well, like the answer to the first question, it varies. From an academic standpoint, no, it isn’t a good idea. The purpose of a term paper is to teach the student about the subject, to work on writing skills, to learn proper techniques in researching, and how to apply that research to an academic work. By paying for a paper you, as the student, gain no knowledge of the subject or the other topics paper writing teaches. The paper will also not be in your writing “voice” so to speak. Because the general nature of a term paper is to be at the end of the term, your professor has more than likely learned what your specific writing voice is like and will more than likely be able to tell the difference between what it is you wrote and what a professional service wrote for you. Depending on your professor, this could lead to a lesser grade or even expulsion from the school depending on the paper. Another thing to take into account when thinking about buying a paper is that you, as the student in the class, have a better idea of exactly what it is your professor is looking for. A professional paper service may not offer the exact formatting or topics you need and this could lead to a lesser grade than you might have received even by pulling that all-nighter and writing it yourself, and in many schools the penalty for not doing your own work can be expulsion. It is considered the same as plagiarizing. Finally, just because you paid good money for the work, it does not guarantee an “A”. Even though many services themselves may offer your money back for a grade less than you paid for, your grade is often worth much more than an essay when you figure it all out.