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How to write APA style paper?

APA format of paper are mostly used for research papers, case studies and critique papers. In order to style the paper as per the APA guidelines, we need to make sure our work sticks to the APA format and style. The main points to use APA style in research papers are discussed below. The research paper consists of title page, followed by content page, abstract page, introduction part, thesis statement for the research, literature review of the paper, research methodology, results, discussion of the information obtained, conclusion, recommendation followed by the reference, appendix, graphs, tables etc.

  • For applying APA format, it is necessary that we use double spacing for the text with Times New Roman font of size 12 and 1X1 margin in all sides

  • Title page must contain shortened form of running head title, flushed left and page number flushed right on the top header of the paper. The running head and the title of research must be typed in CAPITAL LETTERS and not be more than 50 characters. The title page must consist of words Running head: TITLE OF THE PAPER and in the following pages only the title in CAPITAL must be mentioned on the left top corner of the paper. Later in the first half of the page the full form of the title along with subtitle must be mentioned and it must be centred in the paper followed by author name, name of the university and name of the professor/ guide all centred in the page in fresh lines.

  • Content page must list out the broad areas of the research study citing the most important steps of conducting and assimilating information on research. Usually for the research paper, the content is based on the general structure of the research paper discussed earlier.

  • For writing the abstract, use a fresh page and centre the title Abstract on the top of the page. Then a paragraph must be written providing the necessary information on the research. Below it there must be a indented mention of the keywords of the abstract.
  • Introduction and other broad areas mentioned in the contents section must be styled in the same format as the Abstract. And every continued paragraph must be indented as per the APA guidelines.

  • The reference section in APA style follows the below mentioned pattern: Firstly every source used in the source must have an entry in the reference section. The reference section must be in a new paper. There is no requirement to italicise or underline the title. First the author name must be mentioned in regular order, followed by year of publication, title of the research paper, name of publication house/ journal in italics, followed by volume, issue number/ Edition, page no. References with more than 1 line need to be indented in the continuing 2nd and 3rd lines. The in text references must be provided within brackets as follows: (name of the author, year of the publication) for long projects and (name of the author, page number) for short works.

  • After referencing the paper, appendix, graphs, tables/figures must be mentioned at the end of paper.