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High School Term Paper Topics: Some Fresh Ideas

Today’s high schools are faced with a problem: they desperately want to stand apart from their peers but unfortunately, they falter and are just as unoriginal as their peers.  This can happen especially when it comes to the topics that they choose for their term papers.  It seems like students always end up developing the same old, boring topics to write paper, which means a different type of torture for their teachers.  Students need to come up with some topics that are fresh new ideas.  They need to use ideas that will not only impress a teacher, but won’t bore them to tears. Here is a list of fresh ideas, or ways that a student can take an old idea and spin it into something fresh.

Fresh Ideas:

  • One fresh topic idea is to take an older topic and spin in. For example, if a student writes about Romeo and Juliet as a term paper, they can compare it to the current love duo’s on screen and in print, like Bella Swan and Edward Cullen (or any teen novel flames) and compare how the two are similar and dissimilar.  Taking a fresh approach on Shakespeare leads to a new idea, and a paper that isn’t the same old, same old.  
  • For another fresh idea, students can take a current problem and write a paper the problem and ideas of how to solve the problem.  The problem can be something economical, government related, culture or society related.  An example would be the problem of parents so overworked they leave their child in the car, and how this could be solved.
  • Students need to have fresh ideas so writing a term paper. They can do this by possibly writing about the way society views a different culture.  Thinking about the way different society’s view the same topic would make for a good compare and contrast paper.  

Writing a paper that hasn’t been used before and is a fresh idea will be refreshing for high school student and teacher alike.  Having a term paper that is the same as everyone else is boring, stale, and can make the teacher fall into a coma reading the same topic over and over.  Spicing it up, making it different, creating a term paper that excites rather than bores, is what the typical high school student should be striving to achieve.